Getting your program started

Shipping instructions

The blood collection kit comes with a pre-addressed envelope, ready for shipping. You may use regular mail or the courier of your choice.

Fill out the information on the sample requisition form attentively:

•  Clearly identify the collection center and the sample collection date.

•  It is important that all risk factors are applied to our algorithm. When you have obtained the measurement for the nuchal translucency it is important that the highest measurement is indicated on the requisition.

•  It is important that both the date of birth and age of the patient are in agreement.

•  Fetal crown-rump length should be between 45 and 84 mm for first trimester screening.

•  It is important to specify the weight of the patient in Kg.

Collect the blood sample as follows:

•  The patient should have warm hands (helps blood circulation)

•  Disinfect the finger

•  Squeeze the tip of the finger and place the lancet on its side. Apply pressure before releasing the mechanism.

•  Wipe off the first drop of blood.

•  Add only one drop per circle

•  Massage the finger and wait until you have a big drop of blood at the tip of the finger (almost ready to drop by itself) before putting it on the filter paper. That way you will get a round stain on the filter paper.

•  It is recommended to verify the back of the filter paper to make sure that the blood has gone through. If not, start a new drop on another circle.

•  Do not overlap many small drops of blood. This will result in an uneven quantity of blood.

•  Should the blood smudge on the finger, wipe clean and massage again for a new drop.

Not Acceptable